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Why do we love taking care of dogs?

Why do we love taking care of dogs? For as long as we can remember, dogs have always been in our lives. Whether it was during our teenage years, when they were there for us during the tough times, or now when we have our own children and they provide warm cuddling company. These four legged creatures have given us comfort, companionship, love and so many happy experiences.

It is for this reason that Happy Wiggles Pet Services was born. Whether it be for day care or boarding, every dog becomes a part of our family when they first come to see us. We know it's hard for dogs and their owners to be away from each other, so love and attention is our first priority for your pet. And so is their safety. We make sure that each and every pet is well taken care of, fed if needed and exercised as well as rested and given all the TLC they can handle. 

With our services, we are happy to provide what you need to take care of your pet. In addition to day care and boarding, we also provide grooming services so they will smell great when you pick them up!

At Happy Wiggles, dogs are given the tools they need to be more socialized and fulfilled. So that when they are with you, they can focus on YOU and relax rather than think how they want to burn energy (aka be destructive).  Most of the dogs we have seen, who have behavioral and destructive problems, change to well mannered and calm dogs after spending some time with us.

Our main goal when you put your trust in us, is happiness for you and your beloved pets while you are away. With us, they are like one of our own.