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What are our clients saying about us?

I found Happy Wiggles online after moving to Roseville, Ca for my new job. I feel so bad because I work like 60 hours a week and haven't been able to pay attention to my dog, Missy and really needed to find someone who could help me. Luckily, Alex scheduled me for a super deal on a monthly package to take care of her, walk her, feed her and give her some love she really needs. I honestly do not know what I'd do without his help. Missy is so important to me and knowing that Alex is someone who genuinely shows his affection for her unlike any sitter I've ever seen means so much. So thank you Alex and Happy Wiggles for caring and being real.
- Carrie P. Roseville, CA
Last week, we kept praying that Happy Wiggles wasn't too full to take Katy in for boarding. It meant a lot to me that even though it was last minute, you took her in. I really do not feel as comfortable with anyone else except being with Alex and his family for making Katy feel right at home. Thanks for the videos and pictures of her. We love those!
- Teri B. Folsom, CA
Benny is our love. We had a lot of problems taking him boarding in the past so he usually goes with us wherever we go. But sometimes we want to take vacations where a dog wouldn't be ideal. We also have some problems with him in the house being so hyper and mischievious. So one day when I was at the Folsom doggie park, I met Alex who owns Happy Wiggles. I was impressed with how Benny went right up to him as if he knew him forever and immediately started playing with him and his dog. I found out that he did pet sitting & boarding and asked for him to come by to take care of Benny while we were away for a week. I did not know when I came back I'd have a totally different dog. He was so mellow, minding and sweet. He went over what he did with me and I followed his routine and he's been the same ever since.
- Mark S. Folsom, CA
We just wanted to say thank you so much for taking care of our Angel. I don't know how it is that we didn't know about you guys sooner. We really appreciate the extra efforts you do for us at our home and for her. Thanks again.
- Lisa & Harry M. Folsom, CA